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JetBlack is a premier events management company aimed at curating exclusive experiences. Each trip is filled with activities that will allow for deeper connection and familiarity with every country visited. 

Early this year, we started our giveaway initiative to encourage more minorities to travel. For your chance to win a trip with all expenses paid for, please fill out the link below with your trip of interest. 

Below is a list of our 2023 trips. Please be sure to visit the website below for more info!
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Medellin, Colombia - Open
(January 27th- Jan 31st, 2023)

Cairo, Egypt - Open
(April 6th- April 12th, 2023)
Spain/Morocco (Dual Trip) - Open
(May 23rd- May 29th 2023)

Zanzibar, Tanzania - Open
(June 28th- July 5th, 2023)

Dakar, Senegal - Open
(September 1st - 7th, 2023)

Zambia/Zimbabwe/Botswana (Taste of Africa) - Open
(October 13th - October 22nd, 2023)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Open
(November 12th - November 18th, 2023)

Capetown, S. Africa - Open
(November 19th - November 26th, 2023)

Accra, Ghana - Open
(December 27th - January 3rd, 2024)

**If you are interested in winning a trip, please fill out the short form below with your desired country location and we will select from this pool for each country. **We send emails once a month so please keep a look out**


  • Our process is very selective as we only allow a few people to join each trip outlined above. 
  • We ask for state of residence information to gauge where our participants will be traveling from to arrange pick up from the airport. We also ask for cell phone number so each traveler can be added into our communications group to streamline logistics. We will not be using any of this information other than coordinating for those who will be attending. 

If you have any questions please email

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